(singles & multiples)

R1c VF 3.00
R1c F-VF horiz pair 4.00
R1c XF 5.00
R1c F-VF printing variety at right 15.00
R2c F 100.00
R2c F, L.C.& Co./MAY/1864 printed cxl. 100.00
R2c F S H & Co (Samual Hart) Dec 1863
printed cxl 250.00
R3c VF with Cristiana (Perfume Co.) hstp 15.00
R3c F-VF 2 stamps make up VF complete
hstp cxl of Commission Merchants 25.00
R3c F printed cxl, H. Hutchins 30.00
R3c F William A Clark (matches)/July/1867
printed cancel 35.00
R3c F with VF strike of negative N & Co hstp 40.00
R3c F William A Clark (matches)/Oct/1864
printed cancel 45.00
R3c AVF-F inverted Van Dyke Bitters cxl 45.00
R3c F Cyrus Brown printed cxl 50.00
R3c F-VF William A Clark (matches)/Jan/1866
printed cancel 60.00
R3c F J.R.D.(matches)/Oct 1864 printed cancel
R3c F-VF Dr.Fleschhutt Medicine Co. hstp. 65.00
R3c F Nathan Fenn's/Matches printed cancel, 85.00
R3c Brown & Durling (matches)/1889 printed cxl
R3c F-VF horiz pair with perfectly struck
Dr. Fleschhut Medicine Co. handstamp cxls 100.00
R3c L & B printed cancel (Lewis and Brown who
were New York City makers of canned goods 100.00
R3cF Newbauer & Co (matches)/Feb 14 1867
printed cancel 100.00
R3c Cutting & Co, San Francisco canners 125.00
R3c VF with Radway & Co hstp cxl 125.00
R3c VF James Eaton (matches)/Jan 1865 type 1
printed cancel inverted 150.00
R3c F-VF H.H. & Co printed cxl 150.00
R3c F Newton (matches) printed cancel 150.00
R3c XF stamp with C.B./Milton, PA printed cancel
(Cyrus Brown maker of Red Horse Powder
veterinary medicine) 250.00
R4c G & W straightline cxl 25.00
R4c VF-XF 25.00
R4c F perfectly struck Condit & Hanson 1864 hstp. 35.00
R4c XF black hstp 40.00
R4c VF perfectly struck M.T.& Co. (Moses Taylor) handstamp 50.00
R5c VF European style cancel 8.00
R5c F with XF s-o-n hstp cxl 12.50
R5c F-VF straightline Boston hspt 15.00
R5c F-VF Boston straightline hstp 15.00
R5c VF European style cancel 20.00
R5c XF strike of S.L. in circle 30.00
R5c VF striking pre-print paper fold 40.00
R5c XF major dbl. transfer T5 125.00
R5c rejoined vert pair with large pre-print
paper folds 125.00
R6c VF (*) 1.00
R6c VF Ins Co hstp 5.00
R6c (Tolman N21R New London Northern RR) 6.00
R6c F-VF photographer hstp 10.00
R6c Pittsburgh, Columbus & Cincinnatti
RR hstp 10.00
R6c F-VF Novelty Rubber Co hstp F-VF strike
R6c VF European style cancel 15.00
R6c bottom imprint 15.00
R6c Detroit & St Clair Rivers Towing Assoc hstp cxl 30.00
R6c F dbl transfer in bottom label 40.00
R6c VF strong pre-print paper fold 45.00
R6c VF major double transfer in bottom label
shows clearly (T5) 375.00
R8c VF (*) 60.00
R8c VF 35.00
R8c XF jumbo margins, trivial corner crease
R8c VF with 1863 hstp. 75.00
R8c F-VF with 1863 E.R.& S. straightline steel die hstp. (looks printed) 75.00
R8c XF 75.00
R8c F-VF major double transfer (T8) 450.00
R9c VF with perfectly struck bank hstp. 15.00
R9c grossly misperforated 30.00
R10c VF 12.50
R10c VF (*) 20.00
R10c F-VF two pre-print paper folds 40.00
R10c large pre-print paper fold 75.00
R11c VF-XF 6.00
R11c VF (*) 7.50
R11c VF with perfectly struck 1864 hstp. 15.00
R11c VF horiz pair, photog cxls, horiz tear 35.00
R11c F pre-print paper fold 50.00
R12c F-VF 50.00
R12c VF 65
R13c XF jumbo margins 10.00
R13c Newbauer & Co(matches)/Nov 15, 1866
printed cancel 85.00
R13c F Walker & Taylor 10 line classic printed
medicine advertising cancel 100.00
R13c C.B./April 1865 printed cancel (Charles Bartlet
was a subsidiary of Samual Hart & Co, NYC and
Phila playing card manufacturer) 200.00
R13c with red C.B./Milton, PA printed cancel
(Cyrus Brown maker of Red Horse Powder
veterinary medicine) 250.00
R13c with Poland's Magic Powders (classic
pictorial hstp cxl), missing perf at LR 275.00
R13c Hamlin Bros, Chicago Ills, makers of Wizard Oil,
scarce printed cxl 450.00
R13d VF-XF very scarce, PFC 325.00
R13e F-VF experimental silk paper block of 4
with fibers visible on all 4 stamps, unlisted
as a multiple 950.00
R14c F-VF 35.00
R14c VF 70.00
R14c F A. Bogardus photographer hstp 50.00
R14c F fancy Gard hstp cancel 60.00
R14c F-VF Doughty Bros photographer hstp 65.00
R14c F+ Whitney & Beckwith photographer hstp 65.00
R14c F Gurney's Proof Card (photographer hstp) 75.00
R14c VF John L. Hunnewell medicine co oval hstp 85.00
R14c VF E & H T Anthony photographer hstp 85.00
R15c VF Manhattan Gas Light Co. hstp
VF strike 10.00
R15c F-VF Washburn & Moen Mfg Co hstp
F-VF strike 10.00
R15c F Lehigh Coal & Navig. Co (RR) 10.00
R15c F Downer Kerosene Oil Co 15.00
R15c VF Music Store Wholesle/Retail,
Rochester NY, VF strike 15.00
R15c F-VF Putnum Machine Co red hstp
VF strike 15.00
R15c F-VF A.T.Shallenberger & Co hstp 35.00
R15c VF major re-entry dbl trans 45.00
R16c F-VF 3.50
R16c VF-XF 10.00
R16c F-VF block of 10, couple sm. thins 175.00
R16d VF scarce 225.00
R17c F-VF 110.00
R17c F-VF tied to J.D. Vickery/Bath, NY
photograph 150.00
R17c VF black Brattleboro, VT ovel hstp 250.00
R17c VF-XF deep fresh color 275.00
R18c VF 6.00
R18c VF 7.50
R18c VF+ (*) 15.00
R18c F-VF pre-print paper fold 20.00
R18c F Charles Osgood hstp 25.00
R18c F Charles Osgood Med Co. hstp 40.00
R18c VF * OG block of 4, very deep
color 125.00
R18c G W B printed cancel, used by E.R.Tyler, who
made matches for New Haven Cigar Manufacturer
G.W.Boyer 150.00
R18c on CDV of Lawyer M. Bickmore, serves
as Capt of Co B 153rd Ohio Infantry during the
Civil War, Buried in GAR Plot, San Jose, CA.
R18c F-VF * OG horizontal block of 12,
highly uncommon, unusual multiple, ex-Joyce
R18d F * block of 4, largest recorded multiple of
this stamp, ex-Tolman 600.00
R19c F block of 4 65.00
R19c very unusual hstp cancel 200.00
R20c F-VF with nice hstp. cxl. 10.00
R20c F-VF with large paper fold 95.00
R21c corner fault at LR, with very scarce
Lawrence & Cohen playing card type IV hstp
cancel 250.00
R21c F small fault, with Fitzwilliam,
NH cancel 250.00
R21c VF very fresh with light ms cancel, several
short perfs at UR 295.00
R21c F-VF light cancel 500.00
R21c F-VF appears to be unused 500.00
R21c VF very fresh with light ms cancel 700.00
R21c red hstp cancel (colored cancels are very
scarce on this stamp) 1200.00
R22c VF dbl trans at top, Dr H H Seeley 20.00
R22c F perf faults, LCQ Wishart (Campion) 25.00
R22c F-VF dbl trans at top, blue WRM & Co 25.00
R22c grossly misperforated 40.00
R22c F with perfectly struck Ziegler &
Smith hstp. 65.00
R22c VF with XF strike of C. M. Roof/Cooperstown, NY (medicine co) hstp. 70.00
R22c with perfectly struck Dr. Bennett
straightline hstp. 75.00
R22c F P.T.Ives (matches)/Sept/1864 printed
cancel 125.00
R22c VF * OG block of 4 125.00
R22c XF block of 4 125.00
R22c F-VF W.H.Jessup & Co(Eureka Match Co)/
San Francisco, CA printed cancel 150.00
R22c F Clock Druggist and Chemist, scarce
advertising handstamp cancel 250.00
R22d F deep color 100.00
R22d F-VF 125.00
R22d F vertical pair, scarce silk paper
multiple 250.00
R23c F O.W.Roland Co clerk 10.00
R23c F-VF pre-print paper fold 20.00
R23c F-VF dbl trans in top numerals 30.00
R23d F-VF silk 2.50
R23d VF block, silk 30.00
R24c F-VF Home Ins Co hstp 6.00
R24c VF fancy wreath hstp cxl 8.00
R24c VF European style cancel 15.00
R24c F-VF circle of wedges postal cxl 20.00
R24c Tax Paid H McGowin DC (district collector)
hstp 30.00
R24c VF with large paper fold 125.00
R24c F-VF overall dbl trans "DT throughout"
by Scott 150.00
R24d VF silk 2.50
R25c F-VF bold PAID hstp 15.00
R25c F-VF imprint in selvage 15.00
R25c C.R. Story tax collector S.F. 20.00
R25c F-VF Wells Fargo, Carson NV hstp cxo 35.00
R26c VF Baltimore MD Custom House cxl 7.50
R26c VF JGK SS (steamship?) cxl 10.00
R26c C.C.C.Clerk of Trustees 12.50
R26c VF pre-print paper fold 45.00
R26c VF block of 8 45.00
R27c VF (*) 2.00
R27c VF Co. Treasurer neat hstp 7.50
R27c VF dry printing 12.50
R27c F-VF dbl trans bottom & left 15.00
R27c VF dbl trans at bottom and sides 15.00
R27c VF European style cancels 15.00
R27c F-VF Wells Fargo oval hstp cxl 20.00
R27c perfectly struck M.B. hstp. 20.00
R27c F-VF dbl trans throughout, Supreme Court
hstp 25.00
R27c F-VF dbl trans at left and bottom(?) 30.00
R27c F Minnesota Mine (MI) hstp cxl 50.00
R27d VF except LR stamps, block of 6
experimental silk paper 150.00
R27d VF block of 8, exp. silk paper 300.00
R28c F 19.00
R28c VF 35.00
R28c F-VF (*) 50.00
R28c XF 50.00
R28c VF 85.00
R28c F block of 4 with right sheet margin
selvage 100.00
R28c VF-XF lower right sheet margin block of 6 275.00
R28c stamp has vibrant color, with L & C/1864
(Lawrence & Cohen) playing card provisional 250.00
R29c F-VF 22.50
R29c VF-XF 50.00
R29c pre-print paper fold 65.00
R29c F block of 4, fresh 100.00
R29c F-VF P.T.Ives (matches)/Oct/1866
R30c VF block of 4 125.00
R31c F re-perfed at bottom 1000.00
R32b F large imperf margins, appears unused,
2015 PFC notes traces of MS at top, scare part
perf and like most of the real ones it is off center
R32c VF vert pair 6.00
R32c Tax Paid H.M'Gowin D.C., Dec 27,1866 40.00
R33c F-VF plate scratch at UR 15.00
R33c VF dbl trans in bottom label, big stamp 15.00
R33c (d?) F-VF dbl trans ar UR and top 15.00
R33d VF block of 8, exp. silk paper 225.00
R34c VF-XF (*) block of 4 20.00
R34d F-VF silk 3.00
R34d VF vert pair, exp. silk paper 17.50
R34d F-VF block of 4, many silk fibers visible 75.00
R35e F-VF 15.00
R35e VF ultramarine 17.50
R35e F horiz. pair 30.00
R35e ultra horiz pair, top stamp has tear,
bottom stamp is VF 40.00
R35e block of 8 and pair (re-attached at top)
R36c VF vert strip of 4 4.00
R36c XF 5.00
R36c VF block of 4 7.50
R38c F-VF block of 4 12.50
R38c F 12.00
R38c VF horiz. pair 50.00
R38c with scarce 1864 Lawrence & Cohen
printed cancel 200.00

R41c VF hstp cxl 100.00
R41c XF deep reddish brown late printing
shade 125.00
R42c VF European style cancel 12.00
R42c VF-XF strike of M.P.Works Mills hstp 25.00
R43c F-VF Boston Water Power Co hstp
VF strike 15.00
R43c F-VF Silver Mining Co. hstp. 15.00
R43c F Savage Mining Co, San Fran, CA 17.50
R43c VF Chollar Potosi Mining Co. hstp 25.00
R43c F Gould & Curry Silve Mining Co hstp cxl,
XF strike 35.00
R44c XF 2.00
R44c F Second National Bank 10.00
R44c captured imprint at L, punch cxls 10.00
R44c F with blue oval Boston Naval Office hstp 10.00
R44c F-VF dbl circle Nat'l Bank of Commerce
in NY hstp 10.00
R44c F blue oval insurance agent hstp 10.00
R44c F pair, Phila Custom House hstp 10.00
R44c F-VF block of 4 12.00
R44c VF block of 4 15.00
R44c XF strike of Mechanics Marine Fire
Ins Co hstp 15.00
R44c F-VF oval Bank of Commerce in NY hstp
R44c F-VF oval North Western Mutual Life
Ins Co hstp 15.00
R44c F-VF straightline Niagara District/Suspension Bridge Customs cancel 15.00
R44c F-VF with VF strike of oval Grand Trunk Rwy hstp cxl 15.00
R44c VF red hstp cancels 20.00
R44c The Great Northern OIl Co 30.00
R44c F Key West, FL customs cxl. 35.00
R44c F American Coal Co hstp cxl, XF strike 35.00
R44c F McElheny Oil Co hstp cxl, XF strike 45.00
R44d F-VF silk 3.50
R45c VF 3.00
R45c F neat oval hstp cxl 10.00
R45c North American Petroleum Co 25.00
R45c VF black double circle Commonwealth
Oil Co hstp 27.50
R45c N. American Petroleum Co hstp cxl 30.00
R45c F-VF horiz pair 50.00
R45c F Gold Mining Co of CO hstp cxl, VF-XF strike 75.00
R45c VF real freak perfs 95.00
R46c XF-XF 2.00
R46c VF perfectly struck hstp. cxl. 10.00
R46c Boston Water Power Co 15.00
R46c F-VF Cincinnatti, Hamilton, & Dayton, etc
RR hstp (Tolman C18H) 15.00
R46c Mobile & Ohio RR Co. 75.00
R46d VF silk paper 6.00
R47c VF Penna RR Co hstp 15.00
R47c VF-XF 20.00
R47c F UM INs Co hstp (Union Mutual) 20.00
R47c F-VF strong pre-print paper fold 80.00
R48c VF horiz pair 5.00
R48c F Boston Naval office hstp. 7.50
R48c F A.M. Ins Co hstp 10.00
R48c Suspension Bridge (Niagara) customs
cancel 10.00
R48c F Boston Mill hstp 10.00
R48c F oval Quicksilver Mining Co. hstp. 12.00
R48c Jno. P. Edwards Clk Spr Court 15.00
R48c F captured imprint at left 15.00
R48c F-VF Savage Mining Co hstp 15.00
R48c F-VF Merrimack Mfg Co hstp,
VF strike 17.50
R48c F Nat'l Bankers Express Co 20.00
R48c F Imperial Silver Mining Co hstp cxl, lt. crease 30.00
R48c F Mariposa Mining Co hstp cxl, VF strike 35.00
R48c Pittsburgh & Stewart's Run Oil Co 45.00
R48c VF Revenue Exchange Silver Mining Co hstp 55.00
R49c F captured imprint at R, lt crease 30.00
R50c F 20.00
R50c F-VF (*) 35.00
R50c VF hstp cxl 45.00
R50c Atlas Oil Co 50.00
R50c Washington & Walnut Bend Oil Co 50.00
R50c VF 50.00
R50c VF (*) 75.00
R50c F Mount Alpine Gold Co hstp cxl 75.00
R50c VF horiz pair 100.00
R51c VF hstp cancel 95.00
R51d VF very scarce silk paper 600.00
R52c VF 10.00
R52c VF blue hstp cxl 15.00
R52c XF 20.00
R52c VF * OG one short perf 25.00
R52c VF horiz. pair 40.00
R52c F pl # single 50.00
R54c grossly misperforated 40.00
R54c VF pre-print paper fold 45.00
R54e F-VF Christmas Day cancel, ultra 20.00
R55c cracked plate diagonally through "N" of
Entry" 25.00
R55d VF horiz strip of 3 275.00
R56c VF 10.00
R56c F European style cancel 25.00
R57c F-VF 8.00
R57c VF horiz. strip of 4 175.00
R58c VF (*) 4.00
R58c pre-print paper fold 50.00
R58e VF horiz pair 10.00
R59c imprint in bottom selvage 25.00
R59c grossly misperforated 30.00
R59c imprint in bottom selvage 40.00
R59c variety, two stamps from same sheet
make complet diagonal scratch, VF 40.00
R60c F-VF blue double oval Cunard Mail
Line ship cancel 15.00
R60c F horiz strip of 3, middle stamp with long pre-print paper fold 100.00
R61c freak wing-margin (imperf) at left 45.00
R62c VF fresh 22.50
R62c F-VF (*) 35.00
R62c VF red Mutual Benefit Ins Co hstp 35.00
R63c F pre-print paper fold 40.00
R64c F-VF 6.00
R64c F-VF with blue oval Scranton hstp. 25.00
R64c F-VF American Wood Paper Co hstp
XF strikes 35.00
R64d XF herringbone cxl 65.00
R64d VF-XF 110.00
R65c F-VF hstp. cxl. 8.00
R65c VF 12.00
R65c XF gem 35.00
R65d F-VF experimental silk paper 90.00
R65d VF experimental silk paper 135.00
R66c F-VF 20.00
R66c F-VF with Montreal & Champlain RR hstp 25.00
R66c F top frameline doubled 35.00
R66c F horiz pair, lt crease at top 55.00
R66c VF top frameline doubled 60.00
R66c F-VF right frameline doubled 60.00
R66c VF horiz strip of 3 125.00
R67c Isaac P. Cook Register of Wills (Baltimore) 15.00
R67c F-VF plate variety (gash on head) 20.00
R67c grossly misperforated 40.00
R68c F dbl transfer in lower label 7.50
R68c F blue Boston Naval Office hstp. 10.00
R68c grossly misperforated 40.00
R68c F left frameline doubled 20.00
R69c John W Leather Co 8.00
R69c F-VF dbl trans top shield 20.00
R69c O. S. & Co straightline hstp cxl 25.00
R69c grossly misperforated 40.00
R69c Pacific Mail Steamship Co hstp cxl 95.00
R69d F experimental silk paper 3.00
R69d F-VF experimental silk paper 5.00
R69d VF experimantal silk paper 6.00
R69d J.W.S. Judge of Probate ms cancel 20.00
R70c VF 5.00
R70c F-VF (Tolmand D 3-B) Detroit &
Milwaukee RR 15.00
R71c VF (*) 20.00
R71c VF horiz pair, light thin 25.00
R72c F-VF 30.00
R72c F insurance agent for NY & NJ
straightline-in-oval hstp cxl 35.00
R72c grossly misperforated 40.00
R73c F-VF light crease 125.00
R73c F-VF nice for issue 150.00
R73c F-VF 295.00
R73c F-VF (VF for issue) top sheet margin
block of 4 1000.00
R74c F 175.00
R74c VF for this difficult issue, fresh 325.00
R76c AVG-F 13.00
R76c F fresh 25.00
R76c F-VF 65.00
R76c grossly misperforated 75.00
R77c VF blue hstp. cxl. 95.00
R77c XF blue hstp. cxl. 125.00
R77c F-VF (*) scarce unused 125.00
R78c XF 10.00
R78c F dbl transfer 12.00
R79c F-VF thin 60.00
R79c XF with long vert. PRE-PRINT PAPER
FOLD, an unusual freak variety on this stamp
R80c VF thin, imprint at left ,scarce position
piece 75.00
R80c F-VF 75.00
R80c F-VF blue hstp cxl 95.00
R80c VF blue hstp. 135.00
R80c VF-XF 200.00
R81c grossly misperforated 30.00
R81c F+ captured imprint at L, additional lines
in margin 30.00
R81c VF pre-print paper folds 55.00
R81d F-VF experimental silk paper 30.00
R81d VF experimental silk paper 40.00
R81d F.J. Rollins, Coll 50.00
R82c General Transatlantic Steamship Co hstp 35.00
R83c F-VF 75.00
R83c VF 100.00
R84c VF 20.00
R84c F Sprague Mfg Co 25.00
R84c VF-XF 40.00
R84c F Merchants Steamship Co, RI hstp cxl 50.00
R84c VF pre-print paper fold 65.00
R84c VF block of 4, scarce and choice
multiple 475.00
R85c VF 15.00
R85c F-VF circular General Transatlantic Co.
hstp. 22.50
R86c F 15.00
R86c VF 35.00
R86c VF unused, short perf 65.00
R86c captured imprint at left 75.00
R86c F-VF (*) 95.00
R86c VF horiz. pair 135.00
R87c VF light crease, faintly cancelled 45.00
R87c F-VF blue hstp., lt. crease 60.00
R87c VF-XF 95.00
R87c VF hstp cxl 150.00
R88c F-VF 10.00
R88c F-VF right frameline doubled 60.00
R88c VF horiz pair 60.00
R88c VF large pre-print paper fold, scarce
on the high value stamps 100.00
R89c VF fresh 15.00
R89c Bates Manuf Co 25.00
R89c F fresh Warehouse & Security Co hstp 35.00
R89c VF horiz pair 37.50
R89c XF horiz. pair, early printing 60.00
R89d XF 175.00
R89d F horiz. pair, exp. silk paper 275.00
R90c F-VF 90.00
R90c VF 125.00
R91c VF-XF horiz. strip of 4, fresh and
scarce multiple 250.00
R92c VF horiz. pair 150.00
R93c F-VF 25.00
R93c VF horiz.pair 100.00
R93c F-VF horiz. strip of 3 150.00
R94c F-VF 65.00
R94c F-VF (*) 135.00
R94c VF-XF horiz. pair, fresh 250.00
R95c F-VF 25.00
R95c VF very fresh 40.00
R95c F-VF top frame line doubled 50.00
R95c VF neat hstp 60.00
R95c VF * full OG horiz. pair, left stamp has
no evidence of a cancel, 2003 PFC notes
a bit of pen cancel (on one perf) on right
stamp" 200.00
R95c F-VF block of 4, light creases, this is the better of the 2 known blocks, listed but unpriced by Scott 1500.00
R96c F-VF 30.00
R96c VF 50.00
R96c VF-XF 70.00
R96c VF-XF horiz. pair 150.00
R97c F-VF fresh deep color 125.00
R97c VF neat ms cxl., fresh 200.00
R97c VF 300.00
R97c VF black hstp (scarce on this issue) 325.00
R97c VF head-free cancel, fresh 375.00
R97c F-VF horiz pair, left stamp with
vertical crease, right stamp is VF 375.00
R97e F-VF deep bright ultra shade 225.00
R98c F fresh 60.00
R98c VF-XF deep orange shade 150.00
R99c F-VF fresh 1500.00
R100c XF faint crease at bottom 150.00
R100c VF very fresh 200.00
R100d VF-XF 300.00
R101c F deep color 70.00
R101c F-VF thick paper, faint crease 100.00
R101c F-VF very deep color 100.00
R101c XF faint cut cxl. 100.00
R101c VF 175.00
R101c VF horiz pair, neat MS cancel 400.00
R101c F block of 4, perf separations 700.00
R102c F-VF fresh, light ms cancel 700.00
R102c VF-XF choice 1100.00

(alphabetical by name of ship, all cancels are
blue unless otherwise noted)

R68c F-VF strike reading up 75.00
R68c F-VF strike reading down 100.00
R81c two VF strikes reading up 175.00
R123 VF magenta Henry Chauncey cxl 250.00
R145 F 5 partial strikes of HENRY CHAUNCEY
reading down 125.00
R145 VF with 4 strikes reading up 195.00