RS1d F creases 75.00
RS4f F-VF thins and small tears 175.00
RS4g XF light crease, very fresh 250.00
RS4h VF tiny thin, ex-Bulkley 2200.00
RS4i (formerly RS4d) F small faults 65.00
RS4i (formerly RS4d) VF small thin 125.00
RS4i XF vertical pair, light crease 250.00
RS10a VF appearing, sealed vertical tear 275.00
RS10b XF 600.00
RS10d VF vert pair 1100.00
RS14d VF * usual light crease, fresh 90.00
RS16a F-VF perfs trimmed at top, nice for this
difficult issue 600.00
RS18a F-VF 50.00
RS19a F-VF sealed tear at right 45.00
RS20a F-VF short perf at LR, sm thin 95.00
RS21a F-VF tiny thin in left margin 40.00
RS22a F-VF missing perf at UR 85.00
RS23a VF-XF thin 60.00
RS24a F 20.00
RS24b VF appearing, small thin, light crease 650.00
RS24e F-VF experimental silk, small thin, vertical
tear, light soiling. Rare. 2007 PFC 2500.00
RS25a F-VF 35.00
RS25b F-VF toning spot at mid-top 475.00
RS25e VF for issue, minor crease only shows in
several blue fibers visible 1500.00
RS26a F scarce pair, ex-Bulkley 60.00
RS26a VF pair, fresh 65.00
RS27a F-VF 35.00
RS27e F-VF very fresh, experimental silk, several
blue fibers visible 425.00
RS28b F-VF sm tear at bottom 15.00
RS29b F-VF 17.50
RS29c VF fresh 450.00
RS29d F small sealed tear 6.00
RS30a F fresh 25.00
RS30a F-VF vertical pair 65.00
RS31b F-VF 85.00
RS31c F small thins, fresh 375.00
RS31d F light thin 95.00
RS31e F rare experimental silk, only 7 are believed
to exist, 2007 PFC, tiny pinholes 2500.00
RS33b F-VF 3.00
RS34b F-VF small thins 275.00
RS34b VF fresh 450.00
RS35b VF 3.00
RS35c VF 25.00
RS35d VF 4.00
RS36a F 300.00
RS36b VF 150.00
RS37a VF very fresh 250.00
RS37b VF 125.00
RS37c VF sound, very few known thus 3700.00
RS37d VF 75.00
RS38b VF-XF 150.00
RS39b VF for issue 65.00
RS40a F-VF 15.00
RS40b F-VF fresh 35.00
RS40b XF fresh, faint crease 50.00
RS40c VF fresh and choice 600.00
RS40d VF sm thins 450.00
RS41a F re-perfed 300.00
RS41b F light thin 100.00
RS41b VF-XF fresh 275.00
RS42a F 275.00
RS42c F-VF small faint thin at bottom 900.00
RS42e F thin, experimental silk paper with 3-4
fibers including an embedded one at top 1200.00
RS43a F small faults 125.00
RS43b F-VF 15.00
RS43c VF small thin at right 700.00
RS43d VF light crease at top 17.50
RS44d F-VF reduced a bit at top 35.00
RS45d VF appearing, small repair at UL 3000.00
RS46b F toned 17.50
RS46d F-VF thin 9.00
RS46d F+ 10.00
RS47b VF small thin, fresh 500.00
RS47d XF fresh 500.00
RS48b F into design a bit at right 95.00
RS48c VF filled thins 250.00
RS48d F thin resulting in small hole at LR 75.00
RS49d XF appearing, sm tear and thin 125.00
RS50c VF tiny light thin 95.00
RS50d F-VF 17.50
RS51c VF but with a few blunted perfs at L 12.00
RS53b XF single pulled perf at top, fresh 200.00
RS53b F-VF pair, scarce multiple 500.00
RS55b XF jumbo margins, very fresh 650.00
RS56d F-VF pulled perf at LL corner, thin 150.00
RS56d VF light toning 295.00
RS57d VF small thin 75.00
RS57d VF fresh and sound 130.00
RS57d XF 195.00
RS58b F small thin, light crease 30.00
RS61d VF for issue, small flaws 175.00
RS62b VF sm thin 20.00
RS63c VF-XF 37.50
RS64b XF light thin 150.00
RS64c VF small thin 95.00
RS64c VF-XF 115.00
RS65e F-VF 150.00
RS66a VF appearing, sm tear at right 140.00
RS66a VF * OG light crease 200.00
RS66a XF gem, sm sealed tear, 2017 PFC 300.00
RS68a VF light crease 20.00
RS68c XF faint thin 325.00
RS68d VF 495.00
RS68d VF-XF exceptionally fresh and choice
RS70b F small faults 90.00
RS70b F-VF fresh 200.00
RS71c VF tiny thins, very fresh 375.00
RS72b VF faint pressed crease which shows only
shows in fluid 2750.00
RS73a F-VF thin at top 175.00
RS73b VF small thin at UR 325.00
RS73d VF tiny thin and toning at left, difficult to
find any better, undervalued in relation to other
papers 450.00
RS74a F-VF small faults 14.00
RS74a VF sm thins 25.00
RS74ha F-VF thins 375.00
RS74hd F-VF sm fault 25.00
RS75c VF small thin, very fresh 400.00
RS75u perfs blunted at top and bottom, rare
ultramarine shade (cat $2250) 800.00
RS75u VF appearing with a thin, ex-Joyce (the sole
copy he had), Bulkley, and Inman, exceptionally
scarce and among the best known, 2012 PFC
RS79b F perfs trimmed at left 40.00
RS79b VF true shade 135.00
RS82a F light diagonal crease, red spot on back
slightly shows through, rare face different
stamp (only 12 recorded copies) 4000.00
RS83b VF+ fresh 125.00
RS84a XF appearing, shallow filled thin 200.00
RS84a XF 550.00
RS84b VF 175.00
RS85d VF sm thin 20.00
RS87c F-VF 45.00
RS87c VF strip of 3 175.00
RS87d F-VF horiz strip of 4, thins, ex-Bulkley 17.50
RS88a VF 25.00
RS88d F small thin 60.00
RS89a F-VF appearing, sealed tear at right and
other small faults, nearly all of the 13 recorded
copies are faulty 5750.00
RS90b F-VF 12.00
RS90b on complete McLane's/Fleming product
label, very scarce 300.00
RS90d VF 17.50
RS91a F-VF sm thin 30.00
RS92d F-VF 10.00
RS92d VF 20.00
RS92d VF-XF 25.00
RS94a VF for issue 35.00
RS94b VF faint crease 40.00
RS94d F-VF wrinkles and stain from product on
back only 35.00
RS95c VF 50.00
RS95d VF with X Bazin (X.B.) overprint 50.00
RS95e F-VF small internal tear at left 35.00
RS96c F-VF H & R hstp cxl 95.00
RS97a VF 35.00
RS97e rare experimental silk, VF light thin at top,
signed Stern, ex-Hind 6000.00
RS98b F-VF bottom imprint in selvage 20.00
RS98b F-VF * OG, UR corner margin stamp 20.00
RS98c VF-XF 35.00
RS98d F-VF 8.00
RS98d block of 4 partial OG, light creases 45.00
RS99a F usual perf problems at top and extra
perfs at bottom (cat $2500) 1400.00
RS99c VF very fresh, perfs scissor separated as are
nearly all examples of this stamp, many of the 31
recorded have straight edges, faint crease 1800.00
RS100a F-VF fresh and sound, an undervalued
stamp 1000.00
RS100b F-VF faint crease, fresh 250.00
RS100b F-VF tiny thin 325.00
RS100b VF * full OG, fresh 450.00
RS101d VF-XF 37.50
RS101d XF centering, * OG, sm thin 50.00
RS102b F-VF 60.00
RS103b VF+ 45.00
RS104d F-VF 45.00
RS104d F-VF sm thin spot 55.00
RS104d VF 80.00
RS105d VF 30.00
RS106b VF for issue, small thin, difficult to
find any nicer than this 475.00
RS107a F 50.00
RS107b F light thin 40.00
RS107b VF thin 65.00
RS109a F 3.00
RS109e F exp. silk 65.00
RS110c F-VF fresh 225.00
RS110c XF small thin at bottom, very fresh 550.00
RS111b F-VF fresh and sound 45.00
RS111c VF fresh and sound 375.00
RS112a F-VF SE at top, thins, very good color for
this usually faulty and very faded stamp 700.00
RS113a VF appearing, perfs added at UL, filled
thin at bottom, crease ending in tiny tear, strong
color for this, most known copies are faulty 1600.00
RS114a F fresh 75.00
RS114b F-VF 3.00
RS114c VF fresh 25.00
RS114e F-VF exp silk, SE at top, thins, very fresh
RS115a F-VF 45.00
RS115b VF 17.50
RS115c F-VF thins 135.00
RS116a F-VF tiny thin 195.00
RS116b F-VF 3.00
RS116c F-VF 40.00
RS116c XF 85.00
RS116e F-VF severy blue fibers are visible 275.00
RS117a XF small thins 150.00
RS117a VF * large part OG, very fresh 200.00
RS117b VF small thin, fresh 50.00
RS117c VF 250.00
RS117d F-VF 65.00
RS117d VF very fresh 115.00
RS118c VF small filled thin 90.00
RS120d VF sound 795.00
RS121di XF right stamp with tiny trivial toned spot,
ex-Scarsdale, 2006 PFC 2400.00
RS121i VF imperf single, tiny thin 350.00
RS122d F-VF light thin 16.00
RS123b VF fresh 185.00
RS123c F-VF fresh 475.00
RS123c VF trivial tiny perf thin 675.00
RS123d VF full
OG, light thin 1650.00
RS124a VF 17.50
RS125a F appearing horiz pair with faults
as nearly always 1000.00
RS126d VF couple short perfs at top 27.50
RS127d F * 15.00
RS129b F and fresh 115.00
RS130b F-VF fresh 200.00
RS130b VF partial imprint at bottom
at lower right 250.00
RS132a XF light creases 95.00
RS132b F sm. faults 50.00
RS132c F-VF fresh 125.00
RS132c XF thin and pinhole 135.00
RS132d F-VF 60.00
RS133a VF light crease 150.00
RS134a F fresh 150.00
RS134b F two filled thins 375.00
RS135b XF trivial thin speck 750.00
RS136b VF numbered on back as nearly all of
the 36 recorded copies are, ex-Tolman 475.00
RS137d VF appearing, small internal tear 160.00
RS138a XF very fresh 475.00
RS138b VF-XF 17.50
RS138c VF sm. thin 65.00
RS138c VF * very fresh 80.00
RS138d VF-XF 20.00
RS139a F-VF typical small margins, faint
crease 2200.00
RS140a VF-XF * VLH 35.00
RS140b F-VF 15.00
RS141a F 20.00
RS142d XF gem 175.00
RS143a VF appearing, sealed tear at UL
(Cat $2250) 1500.00
RS143b VF small thin and one short perf at upper
right, fresh 395.00
RS144b VF light crease, small thin, rare with
ony 17 recorded copies, most of them faulty,
ex-Cunliffe 3000.00
RS144d VF fresh 600.00
RS145d XF fresh top sheet margin stamp and
partial imprint visible 1600.00
RS146c VF-XF fresh 1500.00
RS146d XF left sheet margin stamp, sount 1500.00
RS147a VF 15.00
RS147c F-VF 250.00
RS148a F-VF 15.00
RS148b F-VF 12.00
RS148c F-VF very fresh 125.00
RS149ap F 65.00
RS149c F-VF 100.00

RS151b VF 10.00
RS152b VF 8.00
RS152b F-VF horiz pair 20.00
RS153a F trimmed to follow the design at top and
bottom 1700.00
RS154d VF-XF 50.00
RS155b VF 12.00
RS155c F-VF thin 47.50
RS155c VF 85.00
RS155d F long plate scratch at bottom 50.00
RS155d pair F lt crease 35.00
RS156c XF * OG, tiny thin 165.00
RS156d VF sm thin 13.00
RS157b VF fresh 17.50
RS157c VF 200.00
RS158d F-VF 10.00
RS159b F thin 250.00
RS159b XF couple small thins, fresh 350.00
RS159d VF faint crease, very fresh 325.00
RS160a F small faults as almost always,
ex-Holcombe 850.00
RS161d VF sealed tear in middle 65.00
RS162a F-VF 27.50
RS162b F-VF 25.00
RS164b F 2.00
RS164d F 25.00
RS165b F-VF slightly blunted perfs at right 275.00
RS166c VF sm thin 27.50
RS167c VF small faint thin, fresh 500.00
RS167d VF * OG fresh 45.00
RS167d F-VF * block of 4 125.00
RS168b VF-XF tiny thins 20.00
RS168c VF sealed tear 150.00
RS169b F-VF very fresh 175.00
RS170a VF 7.50
RS170e F-VF experminetal silk 195.00
RS171d VF 95.00
RS171u F-VF thin 100.00
RS172b VF 45.00
RS172b VF-XF * OG 60.00
RS172c VF toning mostly on back 45.00
RS172c XF tiny thins 70.00
RS173b F-VF 25.00
RS174bj VF toned, mostly on the back 295.00
RS174bj VF fresh and sound 475.00
RS174cj VF * full fresh OG, very fresh 1500.00
RS174di F-VF scarce 550.00
RS174dj VF light thinning 350.00
RS176a perfs trimmed at UR and R, space
filler (Cat. $525) 100.00
RS176a VF only 40 copies recorded 750.00
RS178a F 300.00
RS178b F fresh 50.00
RS178b VF deep color 60.00
RS178c F very fresh 1700.00
RS178d F-VF small thin, fresh 35.00
RS178d F-VF very fresh 65.00
RS178e VF for issue, one of the better centered
copies, small faults 2950.00
RS179a F-VF pulled perf at top 225.00
RS179b VF fresh 75.00
RS179c F fresh, small thin, very scarce
(only 20 reported examples) 1400.00
RS179d F thin, very fresh 25.00
RS179d F-VF small thin 35.00
RS179e VG-F with small faults, very scarce
expermimental silk, 2019 PFC 1500.00
RS179e F tiny vertical thin spot, 2018 PFC,
this is said to be the finestof the 8 known examples
of this rare experimental silk paper stamp 3750.00
RS180d VF very fresh 475.00
RS181d F-VF small thins 165.00
RS181d VF * full OG and fresh 225.00
RS181p VF small sealed tear 225.00
RS182b VF with small sealed tear at bottom and
usual crease in middle from placement on the
bottle 165.00
RS183d VF fresh 7.00
RS184b VF 100.00
RS184d VF-XF tiny tear 35.00
RS184d VF fresh 75.00
RS186a VF light creases and small sealed tear
above the "U" in "Four" at top, fresh, over half of the
17 recorded copies are knows to be faulty 3250.00
RS187c VF blue printed cxl 65.00
RS187d VF 30.00
RS188a VF light thins, fresh
only 28 recorded copies 1750.00
RS189b F-VF 30.00
RS189b F-VF fresh 40.00
RS189c VF 275.00
RS189d VF 60.00
RS190a F-VF small thins 40.00
RS190b F-VF 20.00
RS191a F thin and perf flaws at UR 395.00
RS191e F-VF appearing, thin, creases, perfs
trimmed at left, ony 8 recorded and most of them
are known to have faults, 2009 PFC 4000.00
RS192a F with typical cork stain in central area
(mostly on the back), small faults but nice for
issue 1450.00
RS193b VF 7.50
RS193e VF appearing, exp silk, thin 80.00
RS195a VF light thin 40.00
RS195b VF sm toned spot 47.50
RS196d VF 10.00
RS196c XF huge jumbo margins, thin 50.00
RS197c F-VF small thin 100.00
RS197d F-VF 20.00
RS197d VF fresh 35.00
RS198b F-VF black hstp cxl 15.00
RS199b VF faint crease along the top margin,
only 20 recorded copies 3500.00
RS201b VF-XF 50.00
RS202a F small faults, ex-Bulkley 35.00
RS202b XF sm tear on one spoke 35.00
RS202d VF sm faults 45.00
RS203b F-VF very scarce, only 24 recorded
examples 2000.00
RS203d VF light toning on back from prior mounting,
only 13 recorded examples, 7 of which are know to
be faulty, ex-Tolman, Scarsdale 3500.00
RS204b VF-XF 15.00
RS204c F-VF filled thin, parial imprint at bottom 50.00
RS205b F 150.00
RS207d F-VF sm thin 37.50
RS207d VF-XF horiz pair, ex-Bulkley 85.00
RS208e F but for red staining on back from
wrapper 100.00
RS209b VF 30.00
RS209c VF fresh, thin 165.00
RS210b VF thin speck, very fresh 1250.00
RS212a VF 10.00
RS212b VF thin 12.50
RS212c VF thin 115.00
RS213a F-VF 12.50
RS213d F small faults 95.00
RS213e F-VF small flaws, exp. silk 200.00
RS215b VF-XF 250.00
RS215d VF small thin 125.00
RS216d F-VF 75.00
RS217d F-VF 7.00
RS217dh VF 12.50
RS218d F single perf added at UL corner, 1985
letter from Sherwood Springer accompanies, only
17 recorded copies, ex-Victor Jordan 2750.00
RS219d F fresh 125.00
RS220a F-VF 3.00
RS220b F-VF fresh 4.00
RS220e VF 95.00
RS221a F-VF 4.00
RS221e F exp silk paper, light thin 300.00
RS222a VF light crease 40.00
RS223b VF 195.00
RS223b F-VF vert.pair, top stamp with thin
very scarce multiple 250.00
RS225b XF faint thin 175.00
RS225d VF fresh, faint thin 80.00
which means it's as good at you will fine 1250.00
RS228d VF 27.50
RS229d VF tiny thins 12.00
RS230c VF 275.00
RS230d XF light thin 15.00
RS232a square corners at top but rounded at
bottom (not die cut), stains from mounting at
left and right 2000.00
RS233a D-VF small sealed tear at UR 375.00
RS233ah F rare manuscript signature variety. All
of the 9 recorded examples are faulty,
ex-Cunliffe 4250.00
RS234d VF-XF with small bit of ink in bottom
margin at mid-right 2750.00
RS235b F-VF small sealed tear 175.00
RS235d F-VF creases 175.00
RS236a F-VF 25.00
RS237d F-VF fresh, thins 2400.00
RS238b F-VF light thin at top 425.00
RS238b VF faint thin spot, fresh 500.00
RS238d VF tiny surface scrape noted on
2007 PFC, ex-Scarsdale, of the 19 recorded
copies 14 are faulty 3750.00
RS240b VF 150.00
RS240d F 20.00
RS241d F-VF 4.00
RS241d XF gem faint thin at bottom 12.50
RS242a F thin 7.00
RS242b F-VF 12.00
RS242d F-VF thin 8.00
RS242d VF 10.00
RS243b VF faint thin 175.00
RS243e VF small faults 200.00
RS243e F-VF very fresh, shows several blue
fibers 325.00
RS245b VF 60.00
RS245e overall light toning 850.00
RS248a orange-red wrapper, VF-XF one of the
finest of the 16 recorded examples, ex-Eagle,
Holcolmbe, & Cunliffe 4000.00
RS248a VF-XF small thin spots, fresh and
scarce, 1998 PSE cert 4000.00
RS249a F-VF fresh 70.00
RS249b VF small thin 120.00
RS249d F-VF thins 150.00
RS250d F red printed cxl. 75.00
RS251b XF tiny perf tear at bottom 4.00
RS253a VF sm tear at bottom 35.00
RS253a VF small thin 60.00
RS253b F small faults 30.00
RS253b VF 50.00
RS253d F-VF light creases 25.00
RS254d F-VF 10.00
RS255d VF thin 124.00
RS257d F-VF light crease 40.00
RS258d VF * OG NH 30.00
RS259b VF 13.00
RS259d F-VF 10.00
RS259d VF 15.00
RS260b F-VF fresh 140.00
RS260b VF+ 165.00
RS261b VF * (disturbed gum), small thin 45.00
RS261c VF fresh 55.00
RS262c VF * OG 100.00
RS263d VF fresh, pulled perf at UL 35.00
RS263d F-VF 40.00
RS264Ad VF and very fresh 850.00
RS264b VF-XF faint crease at left 500.00
RS264b VF-XF exceptionally fresh, 39 recorded
copies 600.00
RS264c XF fresh gem, faint crease in the middle
RS265a VF tiny thins, only 14 recorded examples,
2012 PFC 2500.00
RS265b VF LR sheet margin stamp 400.00
RS265d XF tiny thin 350.00
RS266a F-VF 65.00
RS266b F-VF 50.00
RS266d VF exceptionally fresh 60.00
RS266e F rare experimental silk paper showing
three embedded blue fibers 1000.00
RS267b F-VF. The Joyce copy of this rare full
silk paper. 3000.00
RS267e F-VF small stain on face 250.00
RS267e F-VF exp silk 295.00
RS268b XF bottom sheet margin stamp, small
thin, very fresh 375.00
RS269a F-VF with tiny shallow thin, fresh and
quite rare 2900.00RS269b VF 20.00
RS270b F-VF fresh 95.00
RS270d VF thin 500.00
RS274a F lt thins 5.00
RS274b XF 8.00
RS274c VF sm thin 55.00
RS274d F-VF 6.00
RS275b F and faulty as usual, in this case light
thins and 2 pulled perfs 950.00
RS276b F 40.00
RS276b F-VF 55.00
RS277b VF 8.00
RS277c XF fresh 200.00
RS277d VF fresh 10.00
RS277d VF horiz pair 25.00

RS278p F-VF 4.00
RS279p VF * 10.00
RS280 VF 3.00
RS280 F-VF * 6.00
RS281 F-VF * 6.00
RS282p F-VF * 8.00
RS282p VF 8.00
RS283p F-VF * 8.00
RS283p VF ** 12.00
RS287r F-VF (*) 7.00
RS287p VF 6.00

RS288r F-VF (*) 8.00
RS288p VF-XF (*) 12.50
RS289r VF 8.00
RS289p F-VF sm thin 8.00
RS289p F-VF (*) 15.00
RS289p VF-XF 15.00
RS290p-294p VF * 10.00
RS290p-294p VF * blocks of four 40.00
RS306 VF 3.50
RS310 F 7-13-98 Joyce #36 95.00
RS310 F 7-13-98 Joyce #38 125.00
RS311 F (7-13-98) 115.00
RS312 F (7-12-98) 50.00
RS313-15 F dates are 7/13/98, 7/11/98, 7/7/98
respectively, Joyce numbers 55, 51, 46 350.00
RS314 F thin (7-13-98) 80.00
RS314 F (7-13-98) 100.00
RS314A F (7-11-98) 90.00
RS314A F-VF (7-13-98) 110.00
RS315 F fresh (7-12-98) 80.00
RS315 F-VF fresh (7-11-98) 80.00
RS315 VF 135.00
RS321 VF July 1, 1898 cxl and label panels 500.00
RS335 VF central thin 800.00
St Louis provisional medicine stamp 1000.00

RS365 VF rare 1898 St Louis provisional medicine
stamp 1250.00